It is no news that the Borno State Government has purportedly banned Keke Napep in Maiduguri the state capital.

Keke Napep is the most popular and fastest means of transportation in the capital for the movement of persons. It is of the belief that they have posed a great threat to motorists due to their lack of respect for road traffic rules.

Based on a press release in circulation which might be fake news or actual fact, the state government is set to procure new buses.

Borno State Government to procure new fleets of buses for both intra and inter-state mass transit services and also to introduce state owned taxi cabs and trucks and pickups for goods transportation and works.

To this end, activities of KEKE NAPEP will now be restricted to certain routes within the state capital as from January 2020. This is to ensure decongestions of the state capital. The State Government has, however, pledged to continue to support KEKE NAPEP operators in the State.

There are some places the said buses and cabs can not shuttle people in, how will passengers transport themselves, what will passengers do and what is the fate of the young Napep riders who majorly depend on plying these major routes for survival.

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