Both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 phones are currently the hottest smartphones in the market at the moment, both of which are offering the best both companies have to offer.

 It is an interesting comparison because unlike the majority of flagships out there, the P30 Pro uses Huawei’s own Kirin chipset instead of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset, which means we’ll get to see how the Kirin holds up against the Snapdragon.

Apart from that, both phones share the same amount of RAM, and the Galaxy S10+ actually has a higher resolution display which we imagine could have an impact. Spoiler alert for those who don’t have the time to watch the whole video: the Galaxy S10+ manages to pull ahead of the P30 Pro in both the first and second rounds.

The first round saw the P30 Pro take 2 mins and 5 seconds, while the Galaxy S10+ took 1 minute and 56 seconds. The second round, which focused more on RAM management, saw the Galaxy S10+ take 35.6 seconds, while the P30 Pro actually managed it a hair faster at 34.45 seconds.

Source : Ubergizmo

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