By Bucky Hassan, 2019

There is a popular misconception that El-Zakzaky is currently being held without trial. That’s not factual. His trial, on charges brought by the Kaduna State government, began on May 15 2018, in a Kaduna High Court.

Timetable of El-Zakzaky’s trial:

1) May 15th 2018: El-Zakzaky and his wife Zinat, are arraigned in a Kaduna High Court, before Judge Gideon Kurada, on charges of culpable homicide, unlawful assembly, and disruption of public peace, among other charges. The charges are filed by the Kaduna State Govt.

2) 11 July 2018: Court adjourns trial to August 2nd.

3) Aug 2 2018. Court adjourns El-Zakzaky’s bail application to Oct 4th

3) Oct 4th 2018. At the hearing, the judge adjourns his ruling on El Zakzaky’s bail application to Nov 17th 2018.

4) Nov 17 2018: The court rejects the application for bail, ruling there is no medical ecidence from medical professionals, to back up the bail application on medical grounds.

5) Jan 22 2019. Judge Gideon Kurada orders that El Zakzaky and his wife Zinat, should remain in the custody of the DSS, while being granted access to medical treatment in custody.

6) March 25 2019: Judge Gideon Kurada adjourns the trial indefinitely as he is due to sit on the Presidential and National Assembly Elections Petitions Tribunal in Yobe.

7) Jun 29 2019: El Zakzaky and his wife apply for permission to travel to Metanta Hospital, New Delhi, India for medical treatment, undertaking to return to Nigeria for the continuation of their trial once treatment is concluded.

8. July 18 2019: Justice D.H Khobo presides over the hearing and adjourns it until Jul 29th 2019.

It is important to note that the FG is no longer holding Zakzaky as his trial is now at the state level.

Murder suspects are usually not granted bail which is why El-Zakzaky and his wife are applying on medical grounds.

I have read some stating that El-Zakzaky should be released because the courts had previously ordered his release when he was in the custody of the FG. It is maybe not realised that the FG appealed that case to the Appeal court, and only stopped fighting it when El-Zakzaky was transferred to the custody of the Kaduna State Govt on the charges he is currently standing trial for.

El Zakzaky is now in the custody of the Kaduna State government (held by the DSS), and is on trial on serious legal charges. No judge has granted him bail yet on the Kaduna state charges.

Surely no-one expects the Kaduna State government or the Kaduna High court to release El Zakzaky and drop all charges against him, simply because he has some violent followers?

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