Whenever I visit

Sanda Kyarimi Park

I always find myself amused

By both the people and animals I see

Different set of kids, I see.

On uniforms. Not school uniforms

Perhaps maybe an Eid uniform as

It usually happens during Eid feasts

I see people, none holding fists

holding hands, some romantically so

While others, otherwise. I really get

Amused when I see couples laughing

In front of these animals or

Perhaps maybe they are professing their

Love to these animals as witness just

Like in the Japanese movie ”Shinobi”

I see students, struggling,

Trying to memorize bulky notes

Sometimes as if they were talking to the

Birds and staring at anything that pass by.

I hear the lion roaring

They say it’s a cry for hunger

Some say, it only does that while

Mating. I wonder which to believe

Sometimes, I watch

And wonder about the

Animals in cage. Are they much

Different from criminals behind bars

Or are criminals been

made to feel like confined

animals, since their sins and crimes

are products of the animalism in them

Now, See these beautiful babies and

their parents, I can swear these are newly

Wedded couples, swinging the hands of their

Lads as they whisper sweetness to themselves.

And whenever you see a short

Igbo guy with hands in his pockets,

Watching everything around with analytic

Eyes, maybe that’s me, waiting to get inspired.

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