Kanuri is a culture full of traditions and has fashion in it; every aspect of the culture has its traditions and the most important part of it, is that traditions are maintained and practice between and among the Kanuries.

Hair style is the aspect of tradition mostly considered in kanuritradition,and when it comes to hair style and maintenance of hair they are not left behind, kanuri people have different hair style which includes,Gargari, koyo, zairo shim fal’a, klayasku, Goto’o, and shangalty, among others, these hair styles are not done any how and by every woman, traditional these hair styles are done by different category of kanuri women.

In malumaja, muddala,cengow, and chasawa villages of Dikwa local government area of Borno state, people who sticks to traditions, hair style starts when a child is one month, they starts with Gargari and koyo for babies both male and female and it continues until a child becomes adult before his/her parents stops barbing their hair into Gargari and koyo. Gargari is done by cutting both the right and left side of the hair living the middle side of the hair with a straight line hair, whenever hair grows up from the child’s head the parents of that child barb the hair and increase a little hair to the left and right side of the head these continues until a child becomes adult.

   Meanwhile, koyo is just like Gargari, the only difference between the two is that Gargari is a straight line on the middle of the head while koyo it’s done by cutting all the hair living a round hair in front of the head, some make one, two or five koyo to their kids, those with five koyo are having a straight small round hair in the middle of the hair, when kids grew up to the level of maturity their heads are left with full hair, girl’s hair are now platted will boys will have a normal haircut.

Coming to the second category of hair style which is Zairo shim fal’a meaning “a guy with one eye”, it is a hair style for the ladies who are yet to get married, Zairo shim fal’a is done in such a way that, quarter part of the hair is platted to front head while the rest of the hair is platted back word to the neck. Zairo shim fal’a is a very beautiful hair style that makes a lady look pretty and attract handsome men to her beauty.

 However, klayasku hair style is the bride hair style, bride’s hair is platted into klayasku on her wedding day this is done by dividing the hair into three parts, two parts of the hair is plated back word while the other side is platted to front of the face, therefore, even those who are not kanuri platted this hair style in Maiduguri, especially when going to occasions like naming ceremony, dinner parties, and marriage ceremonies and it fit any kind of woman.

  Old mothers are also not forgotten when it comes to traditions and hair styles, most of the old women who have grown up sons and daughters plat their hair into Goto’o, this hair style is done by dividing the hair into two parts the first side is platted back word while the second part is comb to the front face and packed it to left and right side of the face.

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