I know you’ren’t expected to like me

for wanting to privatize your daughter

atleast not without knowing me much

I pray you do soon and sooner you will

Your daughter ‘nd I are twinflames,

We haven’t yet started datiing.

It’s because something is missing,

We patiently, await your blessing.

Last night I gave her Roselle,

She has always rejected the Roses,

I gave her. She has unintentionally

Proven to be a daughter to a noble father

I love your daughter

More than the way the Kanuris

Love Roselle and she loves me too.

As much as I do.

She loves me even when she knew

I don’t have ”Mota”. And my

Feelings for her are as pure as

The sweet fuming smoke looming

from the ka’aji of the Fire Jars.

I promise to take care of her

More than the way you never could

She shan’t eat Okra nor

Baobab soup. I won’t allow Ulcer

get close to her, unlike the many

Half-baked girls who took fashion in it

Sir, am already your son and I live

In your house because your daughter

Has my heart already. Do take care of

Her so that she can take care of my heart

While I wait patiently,

Until you give me what’s mine

Until you bestow on us your fatherly blessing,

Like the flower on the stem of a Roselle plant.

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