Mardam is one of the best and Favorite pap ever for Kanuris’ and even those who are not kanuri, Mardam is a traditional pap and it’s been respected by kanuri people. According to traditions every kanuri women needs to be train on how to make several traditional dishes and pap this is because food is an important item use to create mutual understanding and affection between people and it’s believed that whenever a kanuri person has a visitor or intend to visit someone delicious dish or pap are the best things to serve people with.

Mardam pap is one of the best food ever which one will take and be satisfied, whenever Ramadan approaches the first thing family members take note of is how to get enough money and buy all the items needed to make a pap throughout the ramadan because most of the kanuri people make their iftar with a pap, when other people are taking tea the kanuri man, woman, or children demanded for pap.

Mardam is one of the delicious and easy food because it doesn’t require a lot of time for a woman to prepare Mardam. Meanwhile, a lot of who don’t know Mardam will be wondering what type of pap it is and what it’s made up of, remember it is the duty of a writer to educate the reader in an informative way so that the reader will not be left in dough.

 All we need to make Mardam is millet, more ginger, gurumbal, sugar, and cow milk that are the ordinary kindirmo not the tin or sachet milk, and clean water. The first thing you start with is to turn the millet into powder, you wash the millet spread it for five minutes under the sun for it to dry, don’t allow it to dry very well, then you pack it into a small container, put the ginger and gurumbal into the washed millet, grind them all together, after grinding the millet it’s give you an interesting arumer which will make you feel like eating the grinder millet powder.

To prepare Mardam, you then put your water on fire, put a little washed millet into the water on fire, allow it to boil very well until the millet is done, fine a container put the millet powder in it pure cold water on the powder use your spoon to turn it round, pure little of the mixed millet powder into the boiling water, turn off the fire and pure the remaining mixed powder into the pot, using your spoon to turn it round, pure the cow milk and sugar into the Mardam. We are now done with preparing Mardam all that remains is for the writer to serve her readers with delicious Mardam pap.

Do you know that the ingredients used in making Mardam pap has a lot of health benefits, millet, ginger and cow milk have hundreds and thousands of health benefits to human life. The most amazing health benefits of millet includes its ability to protect the heart, prevents diabetes, improve the digestive system, lower the risk of cancer, detoxify the body, improve respiratory health, boost immune system and also improve muscle and nerve health. Ginger is also among the healthiest spices which have nutrients and bio action compounds that have benefits to the brain and body.

Ginger protect persons from morning sickness, reduce muscle pain, treat chronic indigestion, reduce menstrual pain, lower cholesterol levels, help prevent cancer, improve brain function and fight infection. While cow milk is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and potassium, it is a complete source of protein as well, cow milk also strengthen bones and teeth. With Mardam every person will stay healthy and strong all the time; we find health through our traditional food.

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