A book titled The Legend of Buratai will be officially presented to school children on May 4th,2019 at the FCT Library, Abuja.

The book was written by Dr Abubakar Mohd Sani to immortalize the life of Lt General T.Y Buratai the Chief of Army Staff.

“The Legend of Buratai is a first and foremost a work of fiction that I hope will make primary and secondary school students to fully appreciate the life of General Buratai, one of the greatest infantry Generals to ever emerge in Africa.

It’s a calculated attempt to transform his life into folklore for lovers of literature and school children. Readers will know how to prepare to become an officer,how Buratai worked smartly as a student, the history of Buratai and the BaburBura people, the disciplines of a General and so on,” said Dr. Sani.

The book will be presented to school children in Abuja,Lagos,Maiduguri, Kaduna and Yola. The book has already enjoyed so many good reviews by national and international scholars.

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  1. This is a befitting way of immortalising a great General , i believe like Gen Patton once said : ” There are no dead Heroes” . Lets honour our Greats while they are alive for the young ones to emulate . 👍

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